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swing set illustration
swing set illustration
backyard swing set Swing sets are popular backyard or playground equipment which consist of a wood or metal frame from which one or more swings are suspended.  The swings may be constructed of two ropes or chains attached to a rigid wood or plastic seat, a flexible rubber or canvas seat, or a toddler seat with safety straps and leg holes.

green rubber swings A toddler swing set may be the first size you buy.  There are several safety-focused firms that create swing sets for the smaller set.  The swings, slides, and playhouses are much smaller and are made solely of durable plastic to prevent injuries.

For older children, outdoor wooden swing sets are often a better investment than metal or plastic.  Not only are they more aesthetically pleasing in your yard, but if properly treated to withstand the weather, they will last for years to come.  Your children will grow out of a wooden swing set more slowly because it does not look "babyish" and who knows — you may even enjoy it yourself!

playground swing set Swing sets come either assembled or in kits with directions; they are relatively easy to build, provided the instructions are followed.  If you are a real do-it-yourselfer, you can download plans from the Internet to construct your family's own swing set or simply buy the wood at a home improvement store to build a custom model.  Many children like complicated swing sets, equipped with not only swings and a slide, but a fort, monkey bars, and rope climbing features.  Get creative with your swing set, and you will insure a source of outdoor entertainment for years to come!

SwingSets.us features a directory of swing set manufacturers and playground safety resources.  A more comprehensive list of swing set dealers and service providers is available on this regional swing dealers directory where you can find suppliers and installers of playground swing sets and outdoor play equipment in your regional area.

Swing Set Manufacturers

  • Creative Playthings
    Creating backyard fun at family friendly prices for over fifty years.  Find a swing set for every budget and backyard.
  • CedarWorks
    Features award-winning swing sets and play sets made from northern white cedar.
  • Kids Creations
    Kansas-based manufacturer of quality crafted redwood swing sets.
  • Play Nation
    Georgia-based manufacturer of premium redwood and pine swing sets and play sets.
  • Playmor Swing Sets
    For more than a decade, Playmor's skilled local craftsmen in Holmes County, Ohio have been turning high quality lumber into attractive, option-friendly playsets.

Playground Safety

  • Public Playground Safety Checklist
    Each year, many children visit U.S. hospital emergency rooms after receiving injuries associated with playground equipment.  Most injuries occur when a child falls to the ground from a swing set or other play set.  Use this simple checklist from the Consumer Product Safety Commission to help make sure your local community or school playground is a safe place to play.
  • Home Playground Safety Checklist (pdf)
    Similar article to the preceding, but oriented to home playgrounds and backyard playsets.  From the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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